About us

BASETREE is multifaceted. Therefore, we are trying to break away from entrenched processes and remove our professional blinkers. We want our BASETREE to grow. From the ground up...healthy!
We continuously expand and challenge our portfolio of methods and tools, which complement our professional competencies. As a result, we are naturally able to care for our "freshly planted seedlings" in such a way that they provide a reliable foothold right from the root system and promote sustainable results to the surface as quickly as possible.
Professional and personal diversity is part of everyday life at BASETREE. The human component of our projects should not be cut back. We always follow "best practice" approaches and regularly educate ourselves in various directions. Sustainability and a green footprint are essential, so we mainly use environmentally friendly concepts and processes at BASETREE. Working at BASETREE is characterized by self-determined and self-responsible action in a strong team. This includes individual working time models, home office, and bonuses. When hiring, we pay equal attention to social and professional competence.
Working at and for BASETREE offers challenging tasks and projects, a pleasant working atmosphere, flat organizational structures, and short decision-making processes. We provide further training to expand and deepen methodological know-how continuously. In return, we expect commitment, the ability to think critically, independence, adherence to deadlines, willingness to travel, and the ability to work in a team.